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Maxi pouch
Félin N°01

Large padded fabric pouch to protect your essentials. Animal print featuring wild cats, lynxes, leopards & wild mammals on a black background - Félin N°01

Maxi zipped cotton pouch with Félin N°01 motif

Size 33 x 22 cm

Don’t leave home without this unisex XL zipped pouch! Don’t leave home without our unisex XL zipped pouch! Slip it into your suitcase for your travels, it is your indispensable ally to compartmentalise all your objects. It can also protect your reading tablet or your small high-tech objects but also be useful as a toiletry bag.

Feline Collection – N°01 with an animal universe, composed of wild cats, lynxes, leopards. wild mammals with a graceful dance. Dominant colours: dark navy, ecru, beige, light bronze almost golden, black

Maxi pouch, collection Félin par Maison Baluchon, handcrafted and responsible production


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Outer fabric pattern Cotton sateen - 100% cotton
Red cotton lining
Gold brass zipper - opening 30 cm
Fleece padding
Vegetable leather strap
Gently rub the fabric side with a small sponge soaked in soapy water. Remove the product by wiping the fabric with a cloth dampened with water. Do not wring out.
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In a perpetual dance of slyness and grace, inspired by leopards and wild cats, this collection embodies the inextinguishably wild spirit in all of us. The pattern is available in two nuances : aquamarine and burnt sienna.

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Maxi pouch Félin N°01


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