On the top-floor of an historic building, this 55m² apartment provides you with a home away from home. Full of light and right under the roof, enjoy a serene interlude. The bedroom overlooking a quiet street offers a separate bathroom and welcomes you to a cocooning atmosphere. The fully equipped kitchen area allows you to experience your stay as independently as you wish. The suite is entirely decorated with our own brand’s designs and our partner brands’ furniture pieces.

From 130,00€ / Night

Two twin-sized beds together, 160 x 200 cm – Bedding and fresh towels at your disposal – Separate toilets – Cleaned and sanitised before your arrival – No cancelation-fee up to the day prior to your arrival. Custom service to fit your needs.
Access to the flat via the staircase without lift.

Discover the atmosphere

Maison Baluchon Stays - Superior Apartment
Maison Baluchon Stays - Superior Apartment

with shower

Maison Baluchon Stays - Free WiFi


Maison Baluchon Stays - Packed lunch

Meal basket
on demand

Maison Baluchon Stays - Premium concierge service


Maison Baluchon Stays - Massage on request

on demand

Superior Apartment

Soft lighting, quiet atmosphere and warm colours make for a South-inspired apartment. In the living-space, take a walk through Provence and discover our collection “Récits des Sens”, a collaboration with the furnishing brand alinéa. In the bedroom, travel to the desert and the warm tones of Medina with our classic design Graphique N°13. The furniture and accessories are most carefully selected to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Maison Baluchon Stays - Superior Apartment
Maison Baluchon Stays - Superior Apartment



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Deluxe Apartment

This apartment is situated on the first floor.

n the bedroom, discover one of our interpretations around Greek mythology, right in between the Sky and the Sea. In combination with the elegant furnishings, a vintage bathtub, decorative wall moulding and the patterned tiles, you will experience the feeling of sleeping in a château.

As for the living room, it is designed with dark colours and ebony wood, blending together sophistication and modernity with elements from our INDE collection, creating a calm and warm atmosphere.

From 145,00€ / Night


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