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– We are happy to assist you for all of your interior design projects. By selecting a wallpaper and the paint colours to fit the atmosphere of your choice, we put our expertise at work to create your own narrative, in search for a unique and sincere harmony –

Since 2012, we strive to bring together consistent and harmonious atmospheres fitting each and every story.

The choice of materials, the desired atmosphere, the way of living in your space are all elements that we consider to carry out your project.

Whether you are a professional or a private individual, we are happy to assist you on every matter.

At your service

If you are looking for a customised wallpaper quote, colour advice, creative mood boards, decorating advice, or if you’d like to commission us a custom piece of furniture with the expertise of our upholsterer, feel free to contact us.

Maison Baluchon - Tailor-made without loss

wallpaper quotes

Maison Baluchon - Moodboard, universe, atmosphere

Mood Board
& concept design

Maison Baluchon - Colour chart

Decorating advice,
from the colours to the accessories

Maison Baluchon - Custom-made furniture

Unique furniture-making
with our upholsterer

Maison Baluchon Stays - Deluxe Apartment - Room
Maison Baluchon - Creation of moodboard, universe, atmosphere
Maison Baluchon - Custom-made furniture

Your realisations

Interior designers, decorators, many thanks
for your beautiful creations from our range of wallpapers.
Your tailor-made projects are a real source of inspiration.

Realization of a tailor-made project - Caroline Andreoni

Graphique N°13 – Caroline Andreoni

Maison baluchon - Your achievements : Rodes Arquitectura

Tropical N°14 – Rodes Arquitectura

Maison baluchon - Your achievements : Atelier Sophia

Jungle N°19 – Atelier Sofia

Maison baluchon - Your achievements : HEJU Studio

Graphique N°13 – HEJU Studio

Maison baluchon - Your achievements : BR Design Interieur

Jungle N°18 – BR Design Interieur

Maison baluchon - Your achievements : Souris Coquette

Alinea – Souris Coquette

Decoration catalogue - Maison Baluchon Interior Design - Wallpaper, illustration, cushion, curtains

Our interior design catalogue

Take a look at our online interior design catalogue, which highlights our current collections.

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