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Our Story and Know-How

In 2011, Nathalie Vidal, the creator of the brand, needs to travel several times a week between Paris and Chaumont, packing most of her essentials in a practical handbag.
From this point came about the idea to create something sensible out of these journeys, to conjoin the Parisian chic to the local crafts and artistry. The brand is born in 2012, aiming to weave together the essence of the landscapes and the meaningful connexions that made this adventure possible in the first place.

Every season, we bring to life a new exclusive design or capsule collection. Inspiration is drawn from the nature surrounding us, and shaped by the way we look at it. We explore it through colours, sometimes tinted with a pinch of exoticism, but always with great care for the details and the story it conveys.
Every single drawing is handmade and then scanned to bring together a new design. Through this process, we have a complete control over the production of our ranges, from the sketch to the manufacturing, including the printing and the leatherworking…

Our fashion accessories are produced locally, in the South of the region Champagne – Haute-Marne. We pair up with a workshop that consists of seamstresses and a fine art leatherworker,
and also collaborate with a local tapestry artist for all of your upholstery projects.
To bring life to our cushion designs, we are joined by a workshop in Bourgogne, and we partner up with a print shop in Belgium for our wallpapers.

This local sourcing allows us better control over the quality of the goods, and a human-sized manufacturing that feels rewarding for everyone.

We make sure to select our collaborators with great care and a special attention to their location:
we work with a fabric printshop in the Netherlands, leatherworkers in France and Italy, and our additional leather supplies come from France, Italy and Spain. Our labels and packaging are made in Spain or Italy, depending on the specificities.
As for the upholstering, our cushion paddings are sourced in France.

The brand’s founders are Nathalie Vidal and Toma Bletner.
Our team works in an office situated at 7 rue Decrès, Chaumont (Haute-Marne) and is composed of a logistics and quality supervisor, a communication manager, and a digital marketing executive. Not to forget our illustrator and multiple craftspeople who collaborate with us on a daily basis. A special thank you to Emeline, Enola, Léa, Fabienne, Sandrine, Marie, Séverine, Pieter…

Throughout the seasons, the brand can be found in high-end stores who share our philosophy in France, Europe or Asia.
For 4 years now, our creativity has been focused on a search for high-quality collaborations. You can find us in shops such as the Cour du Marbre in Versailles. Since recently, we are happy to welcome you in the especially designed space of our showroom in Chaumont, 7 rue Decrès.
There, we curate our very own pieces in a welcoming atmosphere in order to share our artistic vision with you.
– On appointment, from Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm –

High-end accessories and interior design

To preserve your leather goods, we advise you to treat them with a mix of cleansing lotion and a small amount of white vinegar on a cotton pad. You can also use a soft cloth moistened with clay stone.
To clean the fabric, rub the canvas with a small sponge soaked in soapy water.
Wipe off the product with a water dampened cloth. Do not wring out.

Rub the fabric side with a small sponge soaked in soapy water.
Wipe off the product with a water dampened cloth. Do not wring out. Dry cleaning is also recommended.

Depending on the situation, we can repair your item in our workshop.
Contact us to organize the return of your piece. Additional fees may apply.

We recommend custom-made printing, which can be adapted to the height of your walls and guarantees a seamless fit between the strips.
Therefore, you will pay the right price with no waste. Each strip has exactly the same pattern, which makes it a perfect match for the next. We work with two possible strip widths: 53 cm or 90 cm. The scale of the pattern will differ depending on the width.
We can print customised strips from a height of 40 cm up to infinity.
We provide our expertise according to your plans to find the most advantageous solution for your project.
There is no extra charge for custom printing, but a 3-week delay, so don’t hesitate to ask us for a quote!

We recommend a quality non-woven wallpaper glue. Depending on the installer’s preference, it is available as a ready-to-use product, or it can be mixed.

Our wallpapers are easy to apply. Wrinkle-free and thick, you can easily reposition it if you need any adjustments. We recommend to start applying each strip from the ceiling, so that the pattern matches. If you chose a dark pattern, apply a strip of dark primer every 53 cm or 90 cm depending on the width of the strip.
Avoid draughts when hanging the wallpaper and make sure that the room temperature is around 20°C. Cut off the excess wallpaper at the bottom of the wall with a wallpaper knife. With every order comes an instruction leaflet.

You are unsure on how to complement our collections with a paint colour?
Contact us, we can provide you with tips and references.

We do not sell our fabric by the meter. For your interior, we offer our services for the making of curtains, benches, cushions, bedspreads, and headboard covers.
Our upholsterer will provide you with the finest finishings to suit your project and budget.

We offer to a tailor-made service for your curtains. Panel pairs, blackout, single panels, draped, pleated, with eyelets… we can adapt depending on your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get a custom quote.

We work with architects and decorators. If you are a professional, contact us to benefit from our advantages.

We are happy to assist you to help you achieve a harmonious finish to your interior design.
Contact us if you’d like to discuss your project.

Shipping & Returns

Great news, yes! We ship our products worldwide. Shipping costs are adjusted according to the destination. Depending on your location, customs fees may be applicable.
For each delivery, we pay half the shipping costs.

No problem! You can return your item in its package, as long as it is in perfect condition. You have 1 month to return your product, starting from the date of receipt of your order.
Shipping costs are at your charge in case of refund without exchange. The refund is made upon receipt of your product. Please note that if your item was custom-made, no exchange will be accepted.

We outsource this process. A rigorous quality control and a careful packaging are at the core of our concerns. The shipping company is elected on a case-to-case basis, to ensure the best service possible.
If you would like a personal note with your order, please contact us!

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