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Sauvage N°27
& Sauvage N°21

New collection
“Wild winter”

A winter interlude where fur and feathers come together.
Two new designs in shades of khaki, beige and black reflect the elegance of this powerful nature.

Affiche graphique illustrée - Herbier du roi


Herbier du Roi

MB x RMN-Grand Palais – 2022

Herbier du Roi Collection plunges us into the heart of 18th century botanical engravings. Bringing a different perspective through composition and highlighting of details in the manner of a phantasmagorical dance. By bringing life to the plant roots, they become highly inspiring through their shapes and symbolism…
This collection is available at the Château de Versailles – Cour de Marbre boutique.

We invite you to share our vision of the atmospheres, materials and objects that inspire us. But also to live a unique and immersive experience for a night or a week in our two Maison Baluchon flats, designed and decorated by us.

Maison Baluchon Short Stays - Room, Deluxe Apartment

In our time,
the only luxury is authenticity

We mobilize local know-how
for our fashion & leather goods accessories

Founded in 2012, Maison Baluchon cultivates a recognized know-how in the fields of fashion and decoration.

As creators of all the designs, we take particular care with their quality and the story they carry.

Fashion accessories, leather goods, but also wallpaper and furniture, the range of the House has continued to expand over the years.


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