Art leather goods & interior decoration, handcrafted and responsible made in France

top of the range

Bring your walls to life with our wall tapestries inspired by nature.

Top-of-the-range wallpaper with original designs

Explore our collections of non-woven wallpapers, all original creations. Our wallcoverings are available in standard or made-to-measure formats.
Superior quality, easy to install, durable and UV-resistant.

Find your animal or plant wall decoration from our Tropical, Graphic or Jungle themes…

Leather goods
& pouch

100% French fashion accessories

A toiletry bag is the essential travel item for carrying your beauty products.

Travel essentials 

Here’s something to brighten up your suitcases and carry your beauty products in style.

Limited edition made in France

We invite you to share our vision of the atmospheres, materials and objects that inspire us. But also to enjoy a unique, immersive experience for a night or a week in the heart of our two Maison Baluchon flats, designed and decorated by us.

Maison Baluchon Stays - Apartment hotel in Chaumont

In our time,
the only luxury is authenticity

We mobilize local know-how
for our fashion & leather goods accessories

Founded in 2012, Maison Baluchon cultivates a recognized know-how in the fields of fashion and decoration.

As creators of all the designs, we take particular care with their quality and the story they carry.

Fashion accessories, leather goods, but also wallpaper and furniture, the range of the House has continued to expand over the years.


High-end accessories for your everyday life since 2012
Handcrafted and responsible production