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Non-woven wallpaper
Récit d'essences

Journey to the heart of Provence x alinea

Récit d'essences non-woven wallpaper for interior decoration. Vegetal universe, handmade drawings. Collection created in collaboration with the alinea brand

Récit d'essences non-woven wallpaper - Alinéa

Our high quality non-woven wallpapers are based on our original creations. Each of the Maison Baluchon collections is available in standard or made-to-measure sizes. Our wall decorations create a mineral, animal & vegetable universe for your interior. Its thick grammage, eco-solvent and anti-UV inks make its quality very efficient and long-lasting. Contact us for a quote if your wall measurements are not standard in order to avoid any loss in the connection.

Récit d’essences Collection – alinéa – with a plant and mineral universe, composed of: landscape of Provence, mazet, vegetation and rocky scrubland, olive trees, wisteria, fruit and leaves of the plane tree. Dominant colours: ecru background, shades of green, shades of grey, light brown, bronze.
Collaborations with alinea

Non-woven wallpaper, collection Collaborations par Maison Baluchon, handcrafted and responsible production


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Eco-friendly non-woven paper
Eco-solvent inks
Solid and crease-resistant
Matt finish
A+ standard, FSC
Apply non-woven wallpaper paste to the wall. Apply the dry strip from the centre to the ends.
Cut the edges with a cutter.
Ordering multiple strips may result in a new print to ensure the same bath for your order. A delay of 2 weeks may apply.
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Récit d'essences

Set out on a dreamlike journey in the heart of the Alpilles, at the foot of the Mont Ventoux. A poetical expedition in the South of France composed with elements reminiscent of a nature you can sense in every way. A fruit fallen from a sycamore on the path side, fragrant wisteria flowers, a sensorial pause to sit and browse through a book… Pursue this emotion with our collection of wallpaper rolls.

Non-woven wallpaper Récit d'essences


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