Maxi pouch

– This maxi-sized pouch and its multiple padded compartments allows you to store easily and safely all of your accessories and travel essentials –


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  • Maxi pouch

    French production from illustration to finishing.

  • Maison Baluchon - Large pouch - Jungle N°17Our maxi pouch is handmade by passionate French artisans

    Maxi pouch

    Jungle N°17 94.00
  • Maxi zipped pocket Félin N°01Maison Baluchon - Maxi pouch - Félin N°01

    Maxi pouch

    Félin N°01 94.00
  • Maison Baluchon - Maxi custom-made pouch - Félin N°02Maxi pocket Félin N°02 handmade by passionate craftsmen

    Maxi pouch

    Félin N°02 94.00
  • Maxi pouch Mythe N°02 - Stylish fashion accessoryMaison Baluchon - Maxi pouch - Mythe N°02

    Maxi pouch

    Mythe N°02 94.00
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  • Maison Baluchon - Maxi zipped pocket - Tropical N°16Maxi zipped pouch Tropical collection - Plant atmosphere

    Maxi pouch

    Tropical N°16 94.00


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