Maison Baluchon x Balzac Paris
– Being a determined woman –

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  • Ava

    Maison Baluchon x Balzac Paris

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  • Create an animal atmosphere with our Jungle pattern N°19Maison Baluchon - Non-woven wallpaper - Jungle N°19

    Non-woven wallpaper

    Jungle N°19 105.00
  • Maison Baluchon - Cushion 50 x 30 cm - Jungle N°19Jungle N°19 pattern cushion cover

    Cushion 50 x 30 cm

    Jungle N°19 82.00
  • Maison Baluchon - Illustration A3 size - Jungle N°19Poster format A4

    Illustration A3

    Jungle N°19 25.00
  • Maison Baluchon - MacBook sleeve air & pro 13" - Jungle N°19Motif Jungle N°19 create a collaboration with Blazac Paris

    MacBook sleeve Air & Pro 13″ – ed 2015

    Jungle N°19 125.00
  • Ava in three acts, an exceptional collaboration.

  • Maison Baluchon - Large pouch - Jungle N°19Large zipped fabric pouch created in collaboration with the brand Balzac Paris

    Large pouch

    Jungle N°19 88.00
  • « The work around the colours and foliage suggests a hint of sophistication, a space panthers and lynxes come and fill as they please. In the same way as this woman leads her life… »

  • Handbag crossbody animal and vegetable pattern, Jungle N°19 leather Dark BlueMaison Baluchon - Purse bag - Jungle N°19 and Dark Blue leather


    Jungle N°19 - Dark Blue leather 248.00


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