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MacBook sleeve Air & Pro 13" - ed 2015
Ménagerie N°02

Fabric sleeve for MacBook computer, Ménagerie N°01 motif. Collection collaboration "Ménagerie Royale du Château de Versailles" created with RMN-Grand Palais

MacBook Air & Pro 13" case Ménagerie N°02

Format 36 x 25 cm

Compatible with :
13″ MacBook 2012 to 2017 edition – 32.5 x 22.7 x 2.41 cm or smaller

Our envelope-sized MacBook device sleeve features a gold binder closure for the security of your laptop.
With its cotton print and fleece padding, this sleeve allows you to carry your computer or documents. A soft case that brings class and elegance to the office and on the move.

Menagerie Collection – N°02 with its animal and vegetable universe is composed of : ColVert, white tiger, zebra, red agrobate, orange tree, lemon tree, peony, linden tree, umbrella pine, palm tree, Le Nôtre garden motif in the background. Dominant colours: dark blue, white, green of grey, brown, bronze, green, black. Collaborations with Rmn-Grand Palais

MacBook sleeve Air & Pro 13″ – ed 2015, collection Collaborations par Maison Baluchon, handcrafted and responsible production


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100% cotton outer fabric
Red cotton lining
Gold-plated brass binder closure
Fleece padding
Vegetable leather strap
Gently rub the fabric side with a small sponge soaked in soapy water. Remove the product by wiping the fabric with a cloth dampened with water. Do not wring out.
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Ménagerie N°02

A leap in time to the XVIIth century to pay tribute to this singular place in the Château de Versailles, where many gathered from all around Europe to discover rare and extraordinary species. Symmetrical shapes evocative of Le Nôtre's talent at work in the palace's gardens meet the striking and not quite wild Fauna, a rigorously precise layout of every element symbolizing the royal ambition to be in control of all of Nature's creations...

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MacBook sleeve Air & Pro 13" - ed 2015 Ménagerie N°02


Available on backorder


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