Collection Sauvage

Silk scarf 65 x 65 cm
Sauvage N°26 Green

Silk scarf with hand-drawn design Sauvage N°26 green composed of birds on a green background. Chic & elegant accessory of the highest quality. Sold in a red box

Silk scarf 65 x 65 cm Sauvage N°26 Green

Size 65 x 65 cm

Our square is hand drawn and printed on silk. The scarf is an essential accessory to be used in all sorts of ways: to tie around the neck, the hair or to hang on your handbag. Limited edition, design from our collections. Sold in its red box.

Sauvage Collection – N°26 – Green with an animal & plant universe composed of birds from the river, cormorant, reeds, water lilies, landscape with pagoda. Dominant colours: dark green, reddish orange, shades of green, greyish green, brown, ecru.

Silk scarf 65 x 65 cm, collection Sauvage par Maison Baluchon, handcrafted and responsible production


100% Crêpe de Chine - Silk
Machine or hand-wound according to collection
Sold in its red box Maison Baluchon
Soak in water without wringing or dry cleaning.
Dry flat.
Fast and careful delivery of our parts in stock. Exchange and refund possible.
Maison Baluchon - Sold in a red boxSold in a red box
Patterns from our creationPatterns from our creation
Payment up to 3x free of chargePayment up to 3x free of charge

Get inspired


Take a trip to the riverside to listen to the birdsong, feel the grass waving in the wind and let yourself be taken away by the wilderness, the colourful birds and their elegant feathers. Our « Sauvage » collection is part of our Classics. Drawing Inspiration from the landscapes of Haute-Marne.

Silk scarf 65 x 65 cm Sauvage N°26 - Green



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