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Illustration A4
Tropical N°14

A4 graphic poster based on the Tropical N°14 design, with its plant motifs of protea flowers, palm leaves, laurel & eucalyptus. Decorative accessory for home

A4 poster Tropical N°14 with protea flower

A4 size: 21 x 29.7 cm

Hand-drawn and then printed in a limited edition on high quality paper, our wall poster illustrates the origin of the creation of our Tropical N°14 motif.
As a botanical plate, to be framed or hung, our illustration brings an authentic touch to your interior decoration.

Tropical Collection – N°14 is composed of protea flowers, palm leaves, laurel and eucalyptus. Dominant colours: ecru background, shades of green, khaki, green of grey, light pink, old pink.

Illustration A4, collection Tropical par Maison Baluchon, handcrafted and responsible production


Digital print on thick 300g paper
Limited edition of 50 copies
Numbered on the back
Sold without frame
Can be fitted with a frame with a grommet to give the design more scope.
Fast and careful delivery. Exchange and refund possible.
Patterns from our creationPatterns from our creation
Maison Baluchon - Numbered editionNumbered edition
Maison Baluchon - Digital printingDigital printing

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Let us guide you through a botanical garden where the fragrances subtly tangle: tropical plants and exotic flowers take shape in a carefully handpicked herbarium straight from the Equatorial climate. Step Into this tropical collection, part of our Classics.

Illustration A4 Tropical N°14



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