Papier peint

Adorn your walls with our ecological wallpaper bearing our own iconic patterns

Papier peint intissé et écologique
197 - Papier peint
174 - Non-woven Wallpaper

Non-woven Wallpaper

Graphique N°14

Our non-woven wallpaper is an original creation of our House. Each of our collections is available to dress your walls.

A true universe for your interior decoration.

Its thick weight, its eco-solvent inks, and anti-UV make it a high-quality product. It allows a great efficiency when applying, and ensures hold in time.

Sold in standard strips or custom orders to avoid any loss due to the pattern.

Contact us for your custom-made desires.

53 x 270 cm
Eco-Solvent Inks - UV Resistance
Solid & Wrinkle Free
Easy Application

Apply the glue to the wall
Apply the dry strip, from the centre to the edges
Cut the excess

Patterned Decoration inspired by the vegetal, animal, mineral world.

Custom Dimensions - Contact Us

Non-woven Wallpaper Graphique N°14


How to use it

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Papier peint

Graphique N°14