Zipper clutches

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193 - Large zipper

Zipper clutches


Our large unisex zipper clutch is our customers' favourite size.

Ideal as a travel pouch for everyday objects such as your smartphone, a camera or your documents. Its fleece padding is perfect for taking care of your precious objects. Placed inside a carrier bag, it will help you find your essentials quickly.

28 x 20 cm
100% Coton -
Ecru gold zipper closure
Zipper opening: 25 cm
Fawn leather strap
Bright red cotton lining
Exclusive pattern by Maison Baluchon

Patterned Clutch inspired by the vegetal, animal, mineral world. Handmade in France from initial sketch to shaping.
The position of the pattern varies depending on the cut made by the artisan.

AVA Large clutch Jungle N°19


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Large zipper

Zipper clutches

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