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iPad sleeve mini
Sauvage N°24

Protective fabric cover for iPad mini. Sauvage N°24 pattern of wild bird feathers in beige, duck green and brown. Accessory handmade in France, Haut-Marne

iPad mini sleeve with Sauvage N°24 pattern

Size 23 x 17 cm

Compatible with :
iPad Mini – 20.32 x 13.48 x 0.61 cm

Our patterned envelope flap pouch allows you to carry your tablet, e-reader or other everyday items. The padded cover provides ideal protection in all circumstances. With its golden satchel closure your device is safe.

Sauvage Collection – N°24 with an animal theme made up of wild bird feathers, pavo cristatus, Numidian guinea fowl, mandarin and pheasant. Dominant colours: Multicolour black, beige, duck green, brown.

iPad sleeve mini, collection Sauvage par Maison Baluchon, handcrafted and responsible production


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Need a custom-made model?
100% cotton outer fabric
Red cotton lining
Gold-plated brass binder closure
Fleece padding
Vegetable leather strap
Gently rub the fabric side with a small sponge soaked in soapy water. Remove the product by wiping the fabric with a cloth dampened with water. Do not wring out.
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Get inspired


Take a trip to the riverside to listen to the birdsong, feel the grass waving in the wind and let yourself be taken away by the wilderness, the colourful birds and their elegant feathers. Our « Sauvage » collection is part of our Classics. Drawing Inspiration from the landscapes of Haute-Marne.

Available on backorder

iPad sleeve mini Sauvage N°24


Available on backorder